What's so special about oink?

We are customer relationship … builders!


We help to define the right contact strategies, deliver smart creative ideas and then convert these into effective, operational consumer journeys. All this based on KPIs and driven by data analytics.


We prefer long-term relationships with our clients because we believe that this results in a better market and consumer understanding. Would you like to work with us on a project-by-project basis instead? We are happy to oblige, but be warned: you could get addicted to our high standards of work and service!

Where we come from

Our story began back in 2008 in the belief that we could do this job better, faster and more creatively.


In the years since, we’ve evolved into a solid, independent advertising agency with a fantastic, happy team and loyal clients with whom we partner for long-term collaborations.


We choose to continually invest in new trends and innovations in order to deliver our clients best-of-class service.


So if your brand needs an email, social media, direct mail or search marketing campaign – or all of these – Oink.Agency will help you reach your target audience.

The team

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Want to be a part of our team?