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5 inspiring Belgian Behance profiles you need to follow

5 must follow profiles [Recovered]_680x680

Good artists steal, great artist copy (Picasso). That doesn’t mean that as a designer, you should be the number one thief. But the world wide web is an enormous source of inspiration.

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Measuring (your) ROI: Where’s my money at, Instagram?


From consumer products to entertainment & tourism, diverse array of industries do business on Instagram. Yet, money doesn’t grow on trees. As a lot of effort goes into creating ads, we want results. Question is, how do you measure your ROI?  

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OINK's 2017 year in review


Another great year at Oink Agency has gone by and what a year it was! Over the past year we tackled some awesome projects, attracted new clients, colleagues and much more. Take a look at our 2017 year in review.

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Staying ahead of digital disruption: our visit to Social Media Summit 2017


On Monday, a few dozen social media savvy people gathered on the 27th floor of The Hotel in Brussels. Why? To share knowledge at Social Media Summit. Of course we had to be there too to be submerged in a world of growth hacking, influencers and analytics.

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Social Media Trends 2018680x680

Instagram stories surpassed Snapchat, Facebook introduced an image-recognition based search and Twitter expanded its character limit to 280. A lot happened in 2017! As 2018 is approaching fast we began to impatiently look at what’s next in store. We distinguished 4 major trends.

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Conversion Day 2017: jumping into the customer’s mind


Last week, between colourful old-timers, we expanded our knowledge at the biggest performance marketing event in Belgium: Conversion Day.

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We created an Amazon store for Pampers and here’s why that’s a big deal


It’s the perfect way to increase your brand’s exposure and stand out from the ocean of products in a generic webstore.

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Discovering invisible narratives: our visit to KiKK festival 2017

Discovering Invisible Narratives_680x680

Last week marked the 7-year anniversary of the KiKK festival in Namur.

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From Photoshop to Sketch in UI design – 5 more reasons to finally make the switch


Sketch versus Photoshop: it’s one of the most tragic battles of our recent User Interface era.

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5 IOS apps that prove augmented reality is here to stay


Augmented reality (AR) recently received a new surge of popularity with the release of apple’s ARKit.

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Open Graph matters

OpenGraph Matters



Google Optimize 360 launched just a few days ago and is one of the many tools in Google Analytics Suite 360. Analytics 360 will enable the modern marketeer to discover what works well, what works less well or doesn’t work at all…!

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