Another great year at Oink Agency has gone by and what a year it was! Over the past year we tackled some awesome projects, attracted new clients, colleagues and much more. Take a look at our 2017 year in review.

Awesome projects and new clients

New client: Essent

We set up multiple e-mailing campaigns for Essent to increase loyalty. They were successful and even exceeded most targets. The video we made for New Year was the cherry on top.

New client: Intermetal

Intermetal was looking for a strong search strategy and that’s exactly what we offered them. Using Google AdWords, we made sure the right people knew about the services Intermetal offers.

New client: ShareGroop

When ShareGroop wanted to promote their service, we took the bull by the horns and created a fun but informative video for them.

New client: P&G HR

We’re also working on a talent supply campaign for P&G HR.

Gillette Venus goes Ibiza

We’ve been rocking the Gillette Venus social channels for a while. So when they asked us to create video content in Ibiza, we got on a plane and shot some great footage.

Talents and fun stuff

New talents

Office manager Dorine, graphic designer Wim, content developer Elise and copywriter Merel joined our super-duper team.

Expanding our office

Oink is growing! We’re creating a cool new space below our office.


We introduced Coinktails to bond and wind down over drinks on Fridays.

Born to ride

From now on we’re riding leased bikes from o2o to work. Eco-friendly + a great workout = double win!

The best is yet to come

Going into 2018, we aim to inspire and enable our clients even more. Offering great service and highly effective campaigns is what we do and will continue to do.

Thank you to all our amazing clients and team members for making this year incredible.

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Elise De Bock
Content Developer